Friday, November 7, 2008

Timely Provision

As of late, I've been really trying to chase down the next part of God's plan for my life. Sometimes, though, my apprehensions can get in the way. For example, I've just a small bit of debt that's been weighing over me for about a year, and after trying for months to whittle it down I've been a little dejected.

I've never been one to let money be a defining part of my life, but I've also never had to live within the boundaries raised by being in someone's debt.

So these two things have kind of come head-to-head recently, with me trying to trust that God is bigger than the hole I've dug for myself, and if he wants me to up and sell everything and move to SE Asia, he'll provide a way to make it happen. I said a prayer the other night that, if he's ready for me to move on, to release me from some of my brain-baggage I've had as of late.

I walk into my office a few days ago and there's a letter from the owner of my company. It says he's super-proud of what we're doing, and thanked me for my way with people, humour, and skills. Then there was a check for a whole freaking TENTH of my salary.


I expected God to release me from this burden by providing ways for me to work it off and the diligence to budget. I did not expect a big check.


Pretty righteous. So I guess all's that's left now is the goin' . . ..

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