Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, And . . .

I had a ten-hour bus-ride from Istanbul to Efes today. Plenty of time to nap, read and write an addition to my last blog, "An Official Declaration of the End of my Quarter-Life Crisis." Here it is:

I choose today a life comprised of harder bits, forsaking trivial & temporal comforts and preference in pursuit of that which I truly want, of becoming who I truly am. I say "No More" to the lies of my youth which would have me believe I am so small, not ready. I say "No More" to the the liars of my present, whispering weakness, short-coming, unchangeability, bondage to my faults and folly. In Jesus' name I bind them and send them away. I am ready to fail, and fail LOUDLY, paving my way into a wiser, stronger, humbler tomorrow. I will carry this raw and ripping glory of God through this bleeding and disengaged world, offering my flesh for its tariffs. Take it by the pound - perhaps it'll serve you better than me, but I doubt it. I will not be myopic or flippant in my daily actions, behaviour, attitude, or endeavors. I've come to grips with the idea of growing old. It's uncomfortable, but I will do it well if it kills me. I'm here. I'm alive. And I will not go down easy.

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  1. beau micah. NOT going down easy. duh.
    i love this.

    i'm trying to picture you as an old man...haha. it's gonna be good.