Sunday, December 20, 2009

Step Ya Game Up

I will get out of the way as God wills to infiltrate our sorry planet through my flesh. I forgive everyone. I apologize for residual suckiness from transgressions past.

I take ownership of my authority to call out evil in its tracks and send it away. I accept my responsibility to call heaven down to fill the remaining void.

I'll love when it's great. I'll love when it sucks. I'll give more love than I feel I can afford, stepping forward in faith that it will be replenished with interest gained.

I'll call pastors out when they make rules against walking in front of the crackhouse down the street. I'll point out tactfully and graciously that my Jesus is already in there waiting for us, and then I'll go look for him. THERE are some people looking for answers.

Oh, and I'll do my best not to do any crack while I'm in there, Mom.

Somehow I'm still taking myself a little too seriously in regard to societal pressures and lies, and not seriously enough concerning my identity as a creator and entrepreneur. I'll keep working on those ones.

I'll get bolder and bolder about inviting everyone around me into the fullness of this good life laid before us.

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