Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear God, Thank You for Seasons.

North of Queenstown, New Zealand
April, 2009

Life is starting to take on another shape, following a sort of inertia into your goodness.

The beginnings of undisclosed projects are drawn up in spirit, and fruit is growing from the ashes of old self, ripening. Every bit is to be savored.

A life comprised of moments spent in communion with the Creator is such a treasure. There's just no more time for anything but your glory. There's no option but to tend to it with everything, and ruthlessly unload all that's not implicitly prescribed.

Even looking to the right and to the left, as people and things are passing away, you remain so deeply within, all around, without tarrying. Fastened to the rails of provision, your blessings are overpowering, and your gravity compels.

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