Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveitaway, Giveitaway, Giveitaway Now.

I got to serve communion for the first time last Sunday at Jacob's Well, after a solid dub sesh and message from the great TR.  I know from the evening's conversations that I am not alone when I say it was a bit of an emotional experience.  There's something about offering people the bread and wine that opened me up to a new revelation of urgency for sharing the Gospel and establishing the Kingdom on earth.  

"Christ's body broken for you, and his blood shed on your behalf."

I've taken the sacrament so many times, and just never even thought what it would be like to offer it to others.  It's been kind of a given, taken for granted.  But my lovely preggo sister-in-law Whitney asked me to step up to the plate, so there I was.  For some reason I was nervous at first.  I think I just felt unqualified, as if offering the sacrament to others meant separation, that I had something they don't.  But as I started I was just flooded with the reality of the priesthood of believers, and that's the beauty of it.  We're the same.  But I do have heaven within me and around me to offer.

I feel like I walked out awakened, with a new boldness and confidence.  And I'm just so ridiculously excited to take this show on the road again.

But, more on that tomorrow.

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